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Spider - Totem [Nov. 22nd, 2007|11:34 pm]

Earlier sitting at my home office desk, I caught a spider sitting on the wall in front of me, just to the side of my computer screen and placed it on my desk and mused...

The Origin of the Spider Dance Ritual

(by Walter Lübeck)

Since the first time mankind walked on earth, the spiritual guides have been taking care of it. One of them who is closest to human beings is a kind of angel, which in many places is known as Grandma Spider. She is the spiritual force, who is weaving the web of life together with Her servants, the three Nornes, who are called Urd, Verdandi and Skuld in northern Europe and Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho in the Greek mythology. Together, they govern the structures of life processes in the past, present and future. The way the Three Nornes and Grandma Spider work together is not easy to explain. Often, they are so close to each other, when producing and modulating the structure of time, space and life that they seem to be the same. To understand their very special kind of relationship imagine that fate and the special energy patterns, which relate all the many parts of the material level of existence need to be produced out of the primal energy, which comes from The Creator, which is the source of life and includes everything what is. This work is done by Grandma Spider. The Three Nornes use this spiritual fate energy together, with the information they get from individual beings from the Web of Life of the Goddess [1] and other angels to create different small and new Web of Life’s for individuals, races, groups, regions, families and alike. Grandma Spider adds the patterns of spiritual fate for a certain incarnation and meta-incarnation [2]. Grandma Spider is also able to combine the life-structures of individual beings out of spiritual reasons. In Her web there is a spark of divine light in the very center which connects the fate of each being to the Creator. 

The Spider Dance Ritual came to me in the year 1992, through a process of intense work with a medicine wheel. According to the northern European spiritual tradition, I set up near my home, at an ancient power spot in the forest, a Celtic labyrinth. During the process of gathering the necessary stones for the wheel, the blessing rituals and the placement of the stones the Goddess explained to me about the nature of time, fate, and existence. Several times I entered a kind of trance state where She showed me the work done by Grandma Spider and the Nornes. The more I became to know, the more I wanted to use this knowledge for healing. But, I had no idea how this could be done.

Later, when I did the blessing ritual, which finished the empowerment of the medicine wheel, while the moon was full, I had a vision of elves and faeries dancing a strange kind of dance on Grandma Spiders Web. This vision continued for more than an hour and taught me how to help people to relate to Grandma Spider and the Nornes for changing their life to the positive, to support healing and well being on all levels of existence.

From this time on, I regularly integrated the Grandma Spider Dance into my seminars and my appearances at spiritual congresses. In 1993, there where several of these rituals, within a range of about two weeks. During this time, I was blessed with some strong energy transmissions given to me by The Goddess and Grandma Spider. This created the fundament for a new level of spiritual energy work, with the Grandma Spider Dance. Also, I became empowered to initiate teachers for the Grandma Spider Dance.

Since this time, The Goddess and Grandma Spider have brought very special men and women to me to share my knowledge, with them. Today (2003), there are teachers of the Grandma Spider Dance in Germany, Austria, Brazil and the USA.

[1] The Web of Life of the Goddess is a grid of high frequent spiritual energies which relate all the beings, their life processes and the matter which they use in a certain biosphere like the planet earth. The Web of Life makes it possible to adjust the life process of a biosphere in general to the needs of all the races, populations and individuals by the means of intuition and magik which are done by The Goddess and Her angels. Because of The Web of Life our planet behaves like a human being with a well adjusted metabolism. In the human body the pendant to The Web of Life are the spiritual energy channels ida, sushumna and pingala which relate all the main charkas to each other, the nadis, which relate the main chakras to the secondary chakras and the meridians known from Chinese acupuncture which relate the system of the chakras to the material body organs, glands, nerves and tissues. [back]

[2] Meta-incarnation = incarnations on earth with certain common spiritual learning topics. [back]


Grandmother Spider Information

(From Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker)

The spider was a totemic form of the fate-spinner where man’s helplessness in the web of Fate was symbolized by the helplessness of the fly in the spider’s web. The fly was a common archaic symbol of the human soul, even thought to be the actual embodiment of the soul in passage from one life to the next. In Hindu myth, the spider represented Maya, virgin aspect of the Triple Goddess, spinner of magic, fate and earthly appearances. The spider’s web was likened to the Wheel of Fate and the spider to the Goddess as a spinner, sitting at the hub of her wheel. The female spider’s habit of devouring her mate led to identification of the spider with the death goddess.

(From Susan Elenor Boulet’s Animal Spirit card on Spider)

The symbology of the spider is protection, aid, and wisdom.

Spiders are found throughout the world and appear in the legends of nearly all peoples. They are depicted as helpers, protectors, and creators. The Ojibwa people hang hoops of spider webs over their infants to protect them from harmful influences. Native American peoples from the Southwest of the USA associate the spider with a grandmother spirit who lives underground who is a source of wisdom. 

(From Goddess Meditations by Barbara Ardinger)

Dark work is cleansing, letting go, and destroying one thing so another can be born. There is a definite cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation to make the necessary changes in our lives.

Grandmother Spider is a weaver of dark work. To the Cherokee, Keres, and Dine people she is seen as the grandmother of sun, wind and the corn, perhaps of all creation.

(From different sites on the Internet I have found the following information about Grandmother Spider)

Spider Woman, creator and weaver of life, is the great teacher, protector and Mother of all creation to many southwestern Native American cultures. She appears as a young and an old woman, as well as a spider who whispers her wisdom into the ears of women and men. According to mythology, Spider Woman spun two silver strands, one connecting east to west, the other north to south. This connected the four corners of the earth. The strands created the Road of Life in the Hopi Tradition. Spider Woman created her own children, twin daughters and twin sons, who brought forth the sun, moon and stars, and made the earth revolve safely in its orbit. As Earth Mother, Spider Woman created all vegetation, birds and animals. Using clay in four colors, she created the red, black, yellow and white people.

Spider Woman as Creator and Mother affirms that women are essential and central to the life process. She reminds us that people of all races were created from the same source, with equal rights and responsibilities. As a sustainer, Spider Woman is always urging us to reconnect to our own spiritual source of higher power. She tells us that our natural role is to live in peace and harmony, with reverence toward the earth and its beings. She empowers women to keep the dream of life alive and encourages them to continue weaving their dreams, even in times of despair and unknowing.

From the Cherokee Tribe’s legend of Grandmother Spider it says that she spun a web (the Milky Way) across the sky in which she snatched up the sun in a clay bowl to bring light to the darkness of the world.

The Choctaw People of Tennessee and Mississippi tell a legend of how Grandmother Spider found clay, made a clay container and spun a web to the east where she found fire. She put the fire in the clay container and brought it back along her web to the people. She then taught the people how to feed the fire sticks and wood to keep it from dying, and how to keep the fire safe in a circle of stones.

The spider lives everywhere and blesses our homes with her elegant webs, and at the same time keeps us free from insects. One of her modern incarnations is E.B. White’s cheerful and maternal Charlotte.

The spider aligns the parallel realities occurring on this plane. When you are running along in synchronization to your own spirit then you enter the synchronized world of the spider beings. Example you will see clocks saying the same time 12:12, 11:11 etc. 

The Spider is seen as both as a destroyer and a creator. Grandmother Spider represents moving from the dark into the light. Often there has to be a death in some sense for new birth and life to begin.

Symbols of Grandmother Spider are Dream Catchers and Labyrinths. 

Spider: Grandmother of Creation

(From an Article by Ashley Costanzo and Janice VrMeer)

The Spider web is a spiral bringing more and more possibilities into manifestation. Her story, her web is the spiral of life. We learn from the Spider how and what to create in our sacred roles of Creators.

Spider is the Grandmother of creation. The center of each creation you weave must be strong and well anchored, the center must hold if a world is to rest upon it. The center of what is human is our ability to perceive beauty and divine. Strengthen these things and you will strengthen humanity, stifle them and you remove one delicate strand on which we all rely. Similarly the center of each person must hold strong if the soul is to be fed, if the person is to survive. The true center is the heart.

Spider encourages us to discard the heaviness in our lives. Take only what is yours, and leave behind the old forms and baggage. Take with you only the sweetest relationships, possessions, ideas, the rest belongs to the heavy world of yesterday. Cut free from your life the carcasses of the dead, the forms of your past heavy world, and leave room for the new world of love and light. Ask Spider for help. As Spider gives birth to patterned manifestation (she lives in the grid) she can help you create in a smooth effortless and timely manner. She can weave it all, past, present and future. The patterns that you weave can be changed instantly. If you choose to be limitless, Spider will be happy to escort you beyond her realm to a formless realm where you can begin to spin tales, worlds and patterns of your own.

Spider reminds us that within the web of life, ups and downs are natural, not evil. Her web lays the grid-work for contrast. That is why all creation thanks and despises her. She understands that her constructs facilitate much growth and she helps us to fulfill them.

Like a patient Grandmother she teaches her grandchild to weave, she illustrates for us the sacred geometry at the center of our existence. She creates always in a circle, circles always in spirals, reflecting even within her tiniest creations the grandeur of infinity and the secrets of life. Within the patterns of her webs are the maps of creation, the cosmos, and the laws of the universe.

She makes her web available for you to travel to any destination in any creation. Simply ask for directions.

Create from the perspective of your limitlessness keeping an open heart and mind. Spider is always at the edge of your awareness ready to provide the frame for the worlds you would weave or when you are ready to teach you to lay the geometric patterns for your own foundations. With Spider’s grace, may you forever create the perfect web of life for yourself.