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Age and Natural State of Altered Consciousness: [Jan. 28th, 2008|12:51 am]
Age and Natural State of Altered Consciousness:

¥ Conception to Age 8: You are in a constant natural state
of altered consciousness

¥ Ages 9 - 12 for 5 - 10 SECONDS per minute *C.P.S.
¥ Ages 13 - 14 - 30 SECONDS per minute *C.P.S.
¥ Ages 15 - 25 - 3 - 5 SECONDS per minute *C.P.S.

Levels of consciousness:

BETA The critical thought level, 15 to 33 C.P.S.*

We are in Beta during most of our waking hours.

Our average C.P.S. level is 21.

ALPHA Is the relaxation level, 8 to 13 C.P.S.

Corresponds to the light stage of hypnosis.

THETA Is the creative level, 5 to 7 C.P.S.

Corresponds to medium hypnosis.

DELTA Deep hypnosis and sleep, 5 to 3 C.P.S.

From the moment of your conception until approximately eight years of
age, the primary and secondary authority figures in your life were the source of all information, which you accepted as your subconscious reality. As a child, you accepted as absolute truth whatever you were exposed to in words, actions, emotions or feelings.

This is your Primary Subconscious Programming (PSP). Your PSP always
generates the first thought or feeling that comes to your mind,  creating your emotional and physical response to every circumstance, whether positive or negative.

*: Brain Wave Cycles Per Second