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"Umbra Ingredior - A Personal Journey"

"Into the Darkness"

A highly developed and an immense terrestrial practicality of the human form, one that is a traveller between realms, a vessel of continual conscious reincarnation, and that of many names.

A void of consciousness that dwells within the mundanity of the existential realm and that, which is beyond infinite infinity, that which is also belonging to this earth or world. Existing in a state of disorder, of unformed matter and infinite space which, cosmogonically exists before any such ordered universe, if there is to be one.

A being that is controlling the parts of the world and aspects of life that I so desire or choose, and that, who is the personification of the force, the power that I gather from the myriad of eclecticisms that I so desire to incorporate into me, my practices, my own!

A comprehensive spirit of the Airts, which produces effects with the accomplices of the supernaturals, and by the mastery of the secret forces in nature. A shadow walker, who is spurred on by self-deification in the more extreme senses, and that which is only a divinity by way of participation.

Personally: If you wanna know me better, just ask me questions, I may answer them. Those who think they know me, really don't, those that don't know me, really shouldn't. And those that DO know me, well then they will be TRUE brethren.

Conjurer by nature and a ChaOz by choice...